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March 13, 2017

Association of Book Publishers of BC

The Association of Book Publishers of BC (ABPBC) is a provincial association of book publishing companies and is the largest regional affiliate of the Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP). As an industry organization, the ABPBC's objectives are to encourage a healthy book publishing industry through liaison with government and industry-related organizations, professional development and cooperative business efforts.


Canadian Media Circulation Audit

Canadian Media Circulation Audit (CMCA) is a service of the Canadian Community Newspapers Association that provides publishers, government, advertising agencies and advertisers with reliable audited circulation data. Today, CMCA audits more than 600 publications, including community newspapers and business, consumer and farm publications, making it the largest Canadian-owned circulation auditing service in the country.


Magazines Canada

 Magazines Canada is Canada's leading professional magazine industry association, representing over 300 of the country's consumer titles. The member-driven, not-for-profit organization strives to serve Canadian magazines of all scope and size through ongoing advocacy and special initiatives. It also offers extensive member services, such as small magazine direct-to-retail distribution, nationally delivered professional development, communications, marketing and advertising services.

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Mitchell Press

Mitchell Press owns and operates the newest Heatset Web Printing facility and equipment in Canada. Founded in 1928, Mitchell Press is still run by the founding family.

We are an environmentally responsible printer that recently won a silver award in Toronto for "The Most Environmentally Progressive Service Printer."  In addition, all excess materials produced at the plant are being responsibly recycled.

Publishing @ SFU / Canadian Institute for Studies in Publishing

Publishing@SFU offers education and professional development at all levels. In addition, the Canadian Institute for Studies in Publishing is a research unit providing scholarly and industry insights into the changing world of publishing.

Simon Fraser University
515 West Hastings Street
Vancouver BC, Canada V6B 5K3

Robyn Tucker-Peck, Magazine Publisher

I have been in the magazine industry for over 30 years and worked for a range of publications: The Tatler, Cosmopolitan, Homes and Gardens, Orient Aviation, Gafencu Men, and Far Eastern Technical Review.

Magazines are my passion.