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March 14, 2017

BC’s Creative Industries Propose Partnership with Government at Press Conference

By Melissa Ariganello

Liz Shorten of CMPA, Sylvia Skene of MagsBC, Susan Brinton of Suebee Media Consulting,
Bob D'Eith of Music BC and Margaret Reynolds of ABPBC.
Photo Credit: Patrick Earley - MagsBC Intern

On Thursday April 26th, the Magazine Association of BC, Music BC, the Canadian Media Production Association (BC Producers’ Branch) and the Association of Book Publishers of BC organized a press conference at the Armoury Recording Studios to present our discussion paper From the Margins to the Mainstream.

In the paper, the associations proposed a three-year strategy to make BC’s creative industries more competitive and keep talent, jobs, production and publishing in BC. The report also discusses the opportunities available for fostering innovation, increasing the rate of job creation and increasing the creative industries’ contribution to BC’s economy.

At the press conference, Margaret Reynolds from ABPBC spoke about the issues impacting BC’s creative industries.  Now is the time, she said, to implement a comprehensive policy in order to overcome current and future challenges that face the creative industries. She went on to say that the mission is to build on existing relationships with the government and develop a made-in-BC solution that encourages business development and sustainability.

These four associations want to build a partnership with the provincial government in order to construct a favorable business environment that includes research and development, economic support for industry, and the maximizing of opportunities for innovation.

This three-year strategy begins with the implementation of a Provincial Secretariat that will develop policies with the private sector, and may ultimately result in an agency similar to the Ontario Media Development Corporation or La Société de développement des enterprises culturelles (SODEC) in Quebec.

This proposed strategy has worked in many other jurisdictions around the world, including Australia, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. As the creative industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in BC’s economy, the province is well positioned to take advantage of this opportunity.

Following Reynolds’ speech, Canadian comedian and actor Brent Butt addressed the crowd. He explained that he chooses to work in BC because of the great local talent and thriving creative industry, as well as it having been his home since 1993. He stressed that it’s often not easy to produce films in BC because other locations can make available money stretch further.

Reynolds concluded the press conference by stressing that the various groups must work together to keep BC’s creative industries strong, contributing socially, culturally and economically.

Bob D’Eith of Music BC, Liz Shorten of CMPA-BC, Sylvia Skene of MagsBC and Margaret Reynolds of ABPBC also answered questions in the group session and one-on-one, along with meeting representatives from various creative industries.

The From The Margins to the Mainstream discussion paper is attached below.

More photos can be found here: Facebook Album

 Also, listen to Margaret Reynolds clip on CKNW attached below, as well as coverage by the Tyee here.

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