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March 13, 2017


Profile: Kaija Pepper, Editor of Dance International

Kaija PepperKaija Pepper developed a passion for dancing and writing as a child. “I was one of those kids that writes poetry from the age of 12 or something, probably even younger. I think I was actually writing stories from about age 5, the same age I started dancing.”

Profile: Allan Cho, Executive Editor of Ricepaper Magazine

Allan ChoRicepaper launched in 1995 as a newsletter for the Asian Canadian Writers' Workshop Society, printed on sheet paper and stapled together, explains the magazine's executive editor Allan Cho.

Profile: Peter Chettleburgh, Editor & Publisher of Aquaculture North America

Peter ChettleburghPeter Chettleburgh loves the creative aspect of publishing and enjoys producing news because it allows him to “be nosy”.

“I like that. I'm naturally inquisitive and think that's something all reporters and journalists like. It gives you a license to ask questions.”

Profile: Jody Carrow, Editor-in-Chief of the Claremont Review

Jody CarrowJody Carrow immersed herself in the local writing scene, attending open mic events and readings when she was a student at the University of Victoria.

Profile: John Barton, Editor of The Malahat Review

John BartonJohn applied to the position of editor at The Malahat Review because he wanted to move back to Western Canada.

“When I started in January 2004, it was a part-time position with a great deal of flexibility in choosing my work hours, which I had hoped would allow me more time for my own writing. Famous last words,” he said.

Richard Olafson, Editor & Publisher of The Pacific Rim Review of Books

Richard Olafson said before he began his career in publishing, he was a street kid who came to Victoria from North Battleford, Saskatchewan.Richard Olafson

“I was almost homeless in Victoria but I decided instead that I would publish my first book of poems, which I did. I hand-sewed them all together, printed up 750 copies and I started publishing one book after another.”

Karl and Stephanie Johanson, Editor & Art Director of Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine

Karl and Stephanie Johanson started Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine because they wanted to do something creative after working for years at Disney Interactive.karl_and_stephanie_profile_2.jpg

Stephanie came up with the idea to start the magazine early one morning at about 4 a.m.

Profile: Tom Henry, editor, Small Farm Canada

SO: What kind of educational background or life experiences led you to a career in publishing?

TH: I was a freelance writer and author for 12 years before getting into publishing. It was a natural transition.

SO: What do you love about publishing? 

Profile: Andrea Lister, editor, British Columbia History

Photograph of Andrea Lister

SO: What kind of educational background or life experiences led you to a career in publishing?

AL: As a child, I wrote detailed instructions for crafts on index cards, wrote stories, and made my own catalogues. I have always loved words. I love reading, writing, and rearranging the language. I love word games like Boggle and Scattergories. [...]

Interview with Michelle Reid, editor of SAD Mag

Photograph of Michelle ReidSO: What kind of educational background or life experiences led you to a career in publishing?