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March 13, 2017

Online Magazine Publishing Resources from CHRC

Want to get yourEditorial Advertising Production Circulation booklets magazine online, but have no idea where to start?

Take advantage of a new series of resources developed by experts in the field. These resources offer valuable wisdom on digitization in the magazine publishing industry in the editorial, advertising, production and circulation – all focused on launching a successful online presence for your magazine.


From the Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC)

The resources are divided in four sections:

Editorial Production
What's the difference between a reader and a user? In this section, Jacqueline Kovacs, former deputy editor of Today's Parent, will tell you it's a big one. Find out how a web presence not only supplements print publications, but offers a whole new kind of experience. This section outlines the subtle but crucial distinctions between web and print content—and teaches you how to create that unique online experience rather than simply replicating your print edition. Looking to move your content online, but overwhelmed by the tech spec demands of a million media platforms? Kim Latreille, Group Production Director for St. Joseph Media, will take you through the evolution of digital and online production, right up to today. You will get a solid grounding of digital forms – static vs. dynamic, tablets to mobile apps, blogs and social networks – and will learn how to develop a start-to-finish workflow process that will help you make the successful move online.
YouTube intros by presenters:
The Digitization of the Editorial Function in Magazine Publishing The Digitization of the Production Function in Magazine Publishing
Advertising Circulation
Jacqueline Howe comes to you with a loaded message: "I can certainly tell you it's a very exciting time to be in the magazine business. Your clients and your agencies have never demanded more from you." Let Jacqueline lay out the constantly evolving and lucrative world of digital advertising, and benefit from her extensive experience and current knowledge of this fast-paced field. You'll learn about marketing's new vocabulary, search engine optimization, the business side of social media and much more. With the rise of digital media, magazine circulation has become a more complex game – but one full of opportunity. Join Jon Spencer, founder of Abacus Circulation Inc, as he demonstrates how to assess new circulation opportunities in the digital realm, and how to prioritize these new options. With his extensive experience and eye for the individual – "every magazine is completely unique" – Jon will guide you to new and essential digital circulation strategies.
YouTube intros by presenters:
The Digitization of the Advertising Function in Magazine Publishing The Digitization of the Circulation Function in Magazine Publishing